How Can I Help You Make More Money?

Digital marketing and SEO go hand in hand, and so do many of their related concepts, and that’s how I found myself starting project after project.

At first, I started by creating a couple of affiliate sites and spending most of my time, ranking them up in Google’s search engine. After a while, I realized this is probably the best way to gain passive income in this day and age. And that’s when I decided I’ll expand my affiliate site portfolio.

My main focus is to plan and start out new sites and ideas in different niches. I do so with the help of my team of passion-driven writers that were trained to produce large volumes of content, my management of the SEO (on-page and off-page) of the sites to maintain and scale a portfolio of sites (+10 big sites).

So, how can I help you? The answer comprises two methods.

Content Creation

Now, content creation may seem as simple as checking out the topic and throwing in some words about it, right? As simple as it might seem, content creation can actually become a big hassle, or even an obstacle, for sites.

Matter of fact, most sites fail due to their ill-managed content. While some people think you have to choose between quality and quantity, you have to find a balance between both for your website to succeed.

Google wants huge volumes of quality content. And there’s no way to get around this here.

And that’s where my writing team at ContentWish comes in. You can use my excellent team of writers –the same ones I use in my sites- to provide you with amazing quality for an affordable price.

SEO Consultation

The second step is as important as the first. You don’t want to start a great project and then leave it stagnant –it will eventually die out.

And that’s why you have to scale your niche sites to enhance your revenue and profit.

I can also provide consultation in the case that you want to build your own site but need some tips and advice on how to start it from scratch.

And that’s where my SEO coaching sessions come in. During these sessions, you and I would be talking over Skype using a shared screen session. Together, we’ll view the websites that you want to rank and figure out a feasible, step-by-step strategy that optimizes them for search engines.

This way, you’ll be able to do your SEO yourself without having to pay someone else to do it. It’s a one-time investment that goes a long way.

Additionally, a different point of view with a solid background can point out problems you can’t see or are unaware of, provide solutions, and eventually lead your ROI to skyrocket.

Typically, I begin with an on-page SEO evaluation and create an in-depth analysis of your website. Then, we work together on formulating an off-page game plan according to the niche you’ve picked and your competition.

Moreover, we can focus on some topics in particular such as PBNs, link outreach, team-building, content, flipping niche sites, and more.